Zhumell products are designed to provide you with the highest quality and best value available, which is why we’re proud to offer a world-class warranty on all of our products. All Zhumell binoculars are covered by a 25-year no-fault warranty. Zhumell telescopes, opera glasses, and accessories are covered by a 3-year no-fault warranty.

All Zhumell product warranties are non-transferable and only available to the original purchaser of the product.

To obtain warranty service, the damaged equipment must be returned to Zhumell. Our Customer Care associates will be happy to assist you in completing this return to get your Zhumell in working order as quickly as possible. There is a surcharge associated with warranty returns to cover return shipping and handling – $15 for binoculars, $25 for telescopes.

Please download and complete the warranty return form below and call us at (800) 303 5873. We’ll be happy to assist you with the return process and answer any questions you may have. Thank you.

Zhumell Warranty Return Form

Zhumell Repair Checklist

  1. Box your Zhumell securely.
  2. Include the Zhumell Warranty Return Form.
  3. Include your daytime phone number.
  4. Include an address for returning your Zhumell to you.

We recommend that you send your unit to us via a trackable shipper such as UPS or FedEx. Your optical equipment is valuable, and this provides a level of accountability should your package be lost or damaged in transit.

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