Commodore Brass Telescope

Make a bold statement with the Zhumell Commodore Brass Telescope. An elegant example of classic brass design in optics, this executive-sized beauty gleams with sophistication. It’s a throwback to the captain’s quarters of the mid-18th century – but packed with plenty of modern optical technology. Zhumell’s highly respected optical design makes the Commodore as satisfying to look through as it is to admire. Inside the eye-popping exterior you’ll find 40-times magnification, a 70mm objective lens, and a stately 1000mm focal length for excellent stargazing and land-based observation. With a mahogany tripod and copper arc and focuser, the Commodore Brass Telescope offers great views whether you’re looking at it or through it.


Weight 28 lbs.
Aperture 70 mm
Finderscope None
Optical Design Refractor
Tube Length 40 in.
Focal Length 1000 mm
Mount Design Alt-Az
Magnification 40x
Star Diagonal N/A
User Level Intermediate, Enthusiast

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