Bring ‘em Near Pirate Spyglass Telescope

While lifting a spyglass from the deck of an authentic pirate ship sounds like a swashbuckling good time, we felt it was a little out of reach considering the abundance of angry, peg-legged obstacles. So we set out to pirate our own version of the much-romanticized spyglasses of yore, and we think you’ll agree that we’ve done a seaworthy job. The Zhumell Bring ‘Em Near Pirate Spyglass Telescope employs Zhumell’s high quality optics while still capturing all the charm of pirate days gone by.

Blackbeard himself would admit that his trusty telescope is a rusty anachronism compared to what’s available now. But, we must admit, they had an indelible style back then. The burnished brass barrels and collapsible design of the Zhumell Pirate Spyglass are timeless and transcend all tastes for accents in the home or office. Decidedly modern innovations found in this classic replica include a 30mm objective lens, magnesium fluoride-coated lenses, 15mm eye relief for use with glasses, and 25-times magnification to bring’em near, indeed. The knurled knob allows for super fast focus and the 5.5-inch collapsed telescope extends to a full 13 inches. Packed snugly in its padded case with loop and wrist strap, you’ll not be losing this over the gunwales or dealing with a damaged housing because of a careless bump. Overall, you get a premium-quality telescope with 25-times magnification and a 30mm objective lens in a great-looking casing that any pirate would walk the plank for.


Weight .55 lbs.
Aperture 30 mm
Finderscope None
Optical Design Refractor
Tube Length 13 in.
Focal Length 250 mm
Mount Design N/A
Magnification 25x
Star Diagonal N/A
User Level Beginners, Intermediate
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