Alexander Brass Zoom Telescope

Nothing beats a brass telescope when it comes to decking out your office in genuine, sophisticated optics. As much a conversation piece as it is a functional telescope, the Alexander Brass Zoom Telescope is designed with modern optical technology in a classic housing. The arc-mounted refractor design with helical focusing rings and fully coated achromatic lenses mean you’re getting better images than the seafarers and astronomers of yore, but you’re also giving a polite tip-of-the-tri-corner to their fine taste in material and design. Brass mounts let you easily position for ideal viewing, and the internal image-correcting lens provides right-side-up images (something they definitely didn’t have a century-and-a-half ago). Handsome mahogany and brass construction coupled with modern features make this telescope great for celestial and terrestrial viewing.


Weight 22 lbs.
Aperture 60 mm
Finderscope None
Optical Design Refractor
Tube Length 20 in.
Tripod Height 52 in.
Mount Design Alt-Az
Magnification 20-60x
Star Diagonal N/A
User Level Beginners, Intermediate

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