Universal Digiscoping Adapter

It won’t be long after you get a telescope that you wish you could share some of your experiences with your friends and missing out on all the good stuff. With the Zhumell Universal Digiscoping Adapter, you can inexpensively connect your digital camera to your optical equipment and get started in astrophotography. By using the bottom tripod screw mount on your camera and the eyepiece of the telescope, this mounting device allows you to adjust both vertically and horizontally for nearly any combination of camera and telescope. Simply attach the adapter to the eyepiece and line up the camera and telescope lenses and you’re good to go. The Zhumell Universal Digiscoping Adapter works with any consumer digital camera and all spotting scope or telescope eyepieces with an outside diameter of 28mm to 45mm. That pretty much takes care of them all, so get one and learn to share!

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