Verdi Opera Glasses

Having trouble getting into the opera? Maybe it’s because you haven’t quite experienced it until you witness, up close, the bulging vein at the forehead of the lead tenor. With the Zhumell Verdi Brass Opera Glasses with Handle, you get the whole picture in a pair of classically styled, attractive, and easy-to-focus binoculars. Luscious wood marks the housing and extendable handle, with accents in shiny brass for an impeccably elegant design. The 3x25mm specifications mean you get 3-times magnification and a 25mm objective lens, gathering the perfect amount of light to replicate the scene on stage; not too dark, not too bright nor close. And, once you find your seats, only rotate the center focus once for the optimal image and leave it there for the entire show – no need to readjust. Included is a handy carrying pouch to protect the finish and lenses when not in use.


Weight 8 oz.
Size 3.9 x 2.2 x 1.2 inches
Objective Lens Diameter 25 mm
Magnification 3x
Features Telescoping Handle, Center Focus

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