Ultra High Contrast Filter

If you’re stuck doing your viewing from the city or the ‘burbs, you know what a pain light pollution can be. Use the Zhumell 1.25 Inch High Performance Ultra High Contrast UHC Telescope Filter to darken the background of the sky and create a better optical environment for contrasting emission nebulae and deep-sky objects. A simple and affordable solution to a frustrating problem, our Zhumell Ultra High Contrast Filter is available in both 2-inch and 1.25-inch format eyepieces to suit your needs. It works by filtering out specific wavelengths of light to expose objects invisible the naked eye or unfiltered telescope eyepieces. You’ve tried viewing the sky – now try viewing it in Ultra High Contrast.

their workers’ requests for flexible schedules. And yet, automated functions and algorithm driven decisions are becoming engrained in the workplace. In nearly all categories relating to HR from recruitment to performance management, companies participating in the CedarCrestone 2013 2014 HR Systems Survey said they were substantially increasing technology enablement of HR processes. workforce. Loan officers, for one, may want to spruce up their resumes. The job category authentic jets darrelle revis youth jersey topped the list, with a 98% probability of being taken over by computers. Also vulnerable: information clerks and receptionists; paralegals and legal assistants; even fast food cooks and bartenders. Taking something shaken, not stirred from a computer is one thing. The configuration in which the computer alone was calling the shots was not only the most efficient, but also the one preferred by workers, who said that robots "better understood them"and redskins santana moss youth jersey "improved the titans derrick morgan womens jersey efficiency of the team." Another recent study, by the Human Computer Interaction Lab at the University of Manitoba in Winnipeg also found humans willing to take orders from computers, but much less readily than from other humans. Humans were almost twice as likely 86% to obey another human, in this case an actor in a white lab coat. Still, researchers were struck that "even after trying to avoid the task or engaging in arguments with the robot, participants still authentic caleb sturgis youth jersey (often reluctantly) obeyed its commands. These findings highlight
Connecticut Post In preparation for the EuroBasket 2013 games in Slovenia, Giffey found dolphins ryan tannehill mens jersey out what life would be like as a professional during his daily double sessions with the German National Team. "This summer was amazing for me, just to see how professional these guys really are," the 6 foot 7 UConn senior said. "They got to authentic titans earl campbell youth jersey practice twice a day. We go to practice at 8:30 in the morning, and guess what? They are back at it 7:30 at night with a two hour practice. I think that mindset really got me ready buccaneers mike alstott youth jersey for taking the next step after this year. I’m trying to apply it to my senior year and trying to show the other guys what that really means." A life in the professional ranks, either in the states or overseas can wait, though. Giffey wants to help the Huskies (22 6, 10 6 AAC) make a deep postseason run in his final campaign, maybe even add another national title. Giffey, and Tyler Olander had the opportunity to celebration one championship already during their freshmen season. "He’s been my rock the whole season," UConn coach said. "Whatever I ask the kid to do, authentic chiefs jamaal charles mens jersey he does it. He doesn’t second guess me. He just lets authentic redskins alfred morris mens jersey me coach him. He is hitting 50.6 percent on 3 pointers and 56.3 percent overall while averaging a career high 8.1 points. While foreign players often get labeled redskins ryan kerrigan womens jersey as too offensive minded, Giffey has proven he is not afraid to sellout for a basketball or hustle back on defense. "He does the dirty work," junior said. "He’s
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