Z Series Planetary 1.25-inch Eyepieces

Choose your focal length from our impressive collection of Zhumell Z Series Planetary 1.25-inch Eyepieces. With dramatic power and contrast, you’ll get excellent color rendition without the flares or ghosting seen in less meticulously assembled and designed eyepieces. Each model features long eye relief for comfortable long-term viewing and the comfort of eyeglass wearers. Specifically, you’ll get a 55-degree apparent field of view, 20mm eye relief, 1.25-inch barrel size, and threading for filters. Take your pick, or buy them as a set.

much like many of us in this [media] room, so signs of solidarity are nothing unique and different," Caldwell said. steelers jerome bettis youth jersey "And I’m not sure if there are any plans to do anything chris conte womens jersey like that here." If a new CBA is not agreed upon then authentic jim otto mens jersey there is the risk being run of a stoppage in play next season and a lockout shutting out football for 2011. New York Jets fullback Tony Richardson has been pleased by the players coming together. "Well, I think, that obviously was a great start," authentic hines ward youth jersey Richardson said. "Our offensive line has been talking about one team, one voice, one heartbeat. That’s not going to change. We all stand together. Just like the owners, they all stand together. "The biggest thing is we want to get some work done, so it’s not like us versus them. It’s the authentic demeco ryans youth jersey fact that we have a great working relationship and we want to continue that working relationship. We understand that it’s a process, it’s a negotiation, and we just have to keep working on it." These proclamations by the teams will certainly raise some eyebrows chuck bednarik youth jersey and get the attention of not only owners and fans, but the league itself. It’s going to be interesting to see how much these gestures spread until a new deal can be agreed upon. NFL Examiner Danny Cox knows a little something about the NFL whether it means letting you know what penalty will come from the flag just thrown on the field or quickly spouting off who the Chicago Bears drafted in the first round of the 1987 draft (Jim Harbaugh)
Cablevision dispute turns off NFL fans in Milford MILFORD He thought about another cable company but wasn’t sure it was a fit then. He’s got a family and isn’t looking to go out to a bar on weekends. of Milford wants to watch the NFL playoffs at home on TV. But with Cablevision and WFSB (Ch. 3) in negotiations that have CBS off his cable, he’s out of luck for AFC games. "I watch a lot of football. It’s most definitely frustrating," said jets demario davis womens jersey Intelisano, who said he’s been a Cablevision subscriber for over 20 years. for the AFC title. Cablevision subscribers in Milford, authentic quintin demps womens jersey Orange and Woodbridge may have to find another way to watch it. "Football, if you’re an average working guy, you sit down to watch the two biggest games of the year," Intelisano said, "and you’ve got to scramble to watch one." At issue, no shock, is money, in an agreement to let Cablevision retransmit the WFSB signal. Fairfield County belongs to New York’s television market, so WCBS TV (Ch. 2) is technically the local affiliate. Cablevision says it doesn’t want Fairfield County subscribers to pay "two times for the same thing," as its website puts it. WFSB’s site says it wants fair market value for its own local programming. Without an agreement, Cablevision says, it can’t air CBS programming in New Haven or Litchfield counties, where WFSB is the local affiliate, and can’t air WFSB in Fairfield County. Cablevision announced Wednesday that it served WFSB’s parent company, Meredith Corp., with a lawsuit alleging violations of the Connecticut Unfair Trade Practices Act that have cost Cablevision customers. The dispute has cost other businesses, too. "We’ve had a couple of people leave because the game’s not on," said , a manager at Chili’s on the Boston Post Road, a Cablevision subscriber. Some of those people may have gone down the road, where other bars have other providers. "People have been coming in all the time because they don’t get Channel 2," said , tending bar Thursday at Buffalo Wild Wings at authentic terry bradshaw youth jersey the , under televisions showing ESPN via Direct TV. "That’s all I’ve been getting the last couple of weeks: I’m here because I can’t sit on my couch and watch the Broncos.’ Hopefully it’ll all be jets jeremy kerley youth jersey finished soon." On their websites, channel lineups for competitors Direct TV satellite and AT UVerse both indicated that they still carried both CBS affiliates in Milford.
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being said, I spent less than Women Tuukka Rask Jersey an hour cutting Women Reilly Smith Jersey and a good 12 15 hours finishing. They came out beautiful and are smooth like glass for easy play and good Authenitc Gold Marc Savard Jersey protection. Here is what I learned along the way: 1. Wood selection: Straight isn that big of a deal. a little bend in an 8 board isn noticeable when you cut Youth Jeremy Lauzon Jersey it into 10 chunks. Look for wood that has square edges Elite Gold Youth Reilly Smith Jersey Marc Savard Jersey and minimal or only small knots. Sometimes you get a little colored sap wood and that looks good after finishing. With 2×4 these blocks are heavy enough, so I would not Authenitc White Patrice Bergeron Jersey recommend a hardwood Authenitc Marc Savard Jersey for safety and convenience reasons. If you could find an 4 sides) pine 2×4 that would help with finishing Elite White Marc Savard Jersey work but it Kid Jeremy Lauzon Jersey is not likely you will. Select 2×4 are Authenitc Gold Bobby Orr Jersey likely only straighter with less knots and select doesn Youth Dougie Hamilton Jersey imply a finish sanded product. I like that my peices had a little character and I had to chuck a couple Men Patrice Youth Reilly Smith Jersey Bergeron Jersey where the knots Men Bobby Orr Jersey were to extreem. 2. Cutting: Make a jig Elite Black Brandon Carlo Jersey for your saw. Something that you can but the uncut wood up to so that you
rules prevent cable or satellite television Elite Tuukka Rask Jersey providers from showing Elite Gold Bobby Orr Jersey games that are blacked out on the local networks. However, the FCC recently voted to consider a proposal to end that rule, which theoretically would allow other television providers to swoop in and take advantage if networks black out a game. And that change can come none too soon for Sen. Sherrod Brown, D Ohio. "While the FCC’s recent unanimous vote to eliminate the Sports Blackout Rule is excellent news for fans and taxpayers across Ohio Youth Jeremy Lauzon Jersey and across the country, the NFL should do everything it can to ensure that the Cincinnati Bengals’ Sunday playoff game is not blacked out," Brown said. News debate: Should Washington’s Football Team Change Its Name?] Brown is far from the first lawmaker to complain about the blackout rule. Late last year, in fact, Sens. Richard Blumenthal, D Conn., Authenitc Gold Dougie Hamilton Jersey and John McCain, R Ariz., introduced the Furthering Access and Networks for Sports (FANS) Act. Rep. Under the legislation, the FCC’s
this is not a particularly wise move. Every time you wager you should be just as cautious and informed as the very first time, no matter how lucky you’ve been Elite Red Dennis Wideman Jersey lately. You never know Authenitc Red Miikka Kiprusoff Jersey when your luck is about to change for the worst. There’s the reverse situation also. When people go through a short period of losses they get discouraged and their plays Women Dennis Wideman Jersey become smaller and seldom. Authenitc White Dennis Wideman Jersey Authenitc Red Miikka Kiprusoff Jersey The situations where people quit just before having their big Elite White Jarome Iginla Jersey break are extremely common. Remember that losing streaks happens to all players, no matter how good and experienced. Sometimes with all the research and statistics it all comes down to plain and simple luck. Whether you go with the favorites for a sure bet, or take a chance on the underdog, there’s always room for pleasant or unpleasant surprises. A balanced attitude with money management Elite Red Rasmus Andersson Jersey is the key to success. It’s also advisable that you don’t get your NFL picks from your next door neighbor, Elite Red Jarome Iginla Jersey but Elite Devin Setoguchi Jersey turn to a professional. Everyone is aware that there is no
When a football team wins a game, the time on the practice field may be the Elite White TJ Brodie Jersey primary reason for the positive performance. Coaches will decide how much time to practice based on the Men Johnny Gaudreau Jersey time of the year, Men Johnny Gaudreau Jersey the team’s recent performance and whether new plays are going to be introduced. Training Camp Practices Football teams spend their most time at practice during summer training camp. At the college and pro level, double sessions occur Elite Kris Russell Jersey Kid Brandon Bollig Jersey regularly. Teams often practice for 90 Elite White Rasmus Andersson Jersey minutes during a morning or early afternoon session and then come back and Authenitc White Johnny Gaudreau Jersey practice Kid Kris Russell Jersey for up to two hours in an evening session. Modern coaches are more concerned about practicing in the middle of Elite White Mason Raymond Jersey a summer day than they were generations ago. Former Chicago Bears head coach Lovie Smith would cut practice short in training camp when temperatures exceeded 95 degrees or the humidity was high. Early Season Practice Teams often spend two hours on the field at practice during the early season. This is true of football played at the high school, college and professional level. In addition to the two hours on the field, pro players also might spend a similar amount of time going over videotape. Players will study their performances in order Authenitc White Rasmus Andersson Jersey to pick out flaws and also study upcoming opponents to learn their tendencies. Late Season Practice Coaches at all levels of the game will cut practices at the end of Elite White Johnny Gaudreau Jersey the season. In most cases, players will spend 45 minutes to an hour on the field. Heavy contact drills are all but eliminated at this time of the year, as players work to hone their execution and perform plays with greater ease. Once teams reach the halfway point of the season, coaches are concerned about attrition and losing players through injury. "You don’t want to injure your top players in practice," said Hall of Fame coach Marv Levy. "You may need the work but you need your best players to be available."

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