10×42 Nova ED BAK4 Prism Roof Binocular

BRAND NEW! The newest addition to the Zhumell family, our 10×42 Nova ED BAK4 Prism Roof Binocular is our first to feature full multi-coated extra-low dispersion (ED) glass lenses. Allowing for incredibly clear and color-accurate images from an easy compact binocular, our use of this high-quality glass is totally unique in this price range. Also featuring BAK4 roof prisms, comfortable twist-up eyecups, and quick right diopter and center focus-knobs, the Novas are a top-notch choice to take anywhere. Completely sealed to be both waterproof and fogproof, these comfortable binocs are perfect for nearly any viewing situation – take them hunting, birding, boat-watching, or to a sporting event. Their 10×42 allows them to be easily carried using the included strap or easily stowed away with the case and lens covers. Trust us, you’ll want to go nowhere without your Novas. And, as always, they’re backed by our Zhumell 25-year no-fault warranty.


Weight 26.1 oz.
Size Full Size Binoculars
Eye Relief 15 mm
Waterproof Yes
Magnification 10x
Objective Lens Diameter 42 mm
Field of View @ 1000 Yards 341 ft.
Focus Type Center
Close Focusing Distance 6.2 ft.
Exit Pupil 4.3 mm
Prism Type Roof
Lens Type Multi-Coated ED Glass
Best Uses Stadium Events, Boating, General Use
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