SCT Dual Speed Focuser

The Zhumell SCT Dual Speed Telescope Focuser is a Crayford design that gives you 11:1 dual speed focusing. For focusing quickly and efficiently without missing important images, you need an accessory that gives you the upper hand. This dual speed focuser includes a 1.25-inch format eyepiece adapter so it works with nearly any telescope. Traveling distance of draw-tube: 30mm. Our focuser is a perfect accessory for Meade and Celestron SCT telescopes, and measures 171 x 107 x 100 mm.

Great Barrier Reef, Australia. Journal of Coastal Research, 70, 115 120. [More Information] Gischler, E., Dietrich, S., Harris, D., Webster, J., Ginsburg, R. (2013). A comparative study of modern carbonate mud in reefs and carbonate platforms: Mostly biogenic, some precipitated. Sedimentary Geology, 292, 36 55. [More Information] Abbey, E., Webster, J., Braga, J., Jacobsen, G., Thorogood, G., Thomas, A., Camoin, G., Reimer, P., Potts, D. (2013). Deglacial mesophotic reef demise on the Great Barrier Palaeogeography, Palaeoclimatology, Palaeoecology, 392, authentic larry donnell womens jersey 473 494. [More Information] Shannon, A., Power, H., Webster, J., Vila Concejo, A. (2013). Evolution of Coral Rubble Deposits authentic patriots scott chandler mens jersey on a Reef Platform as Detected by Remote Sensing. Remote Sensing, 5(1), 1 18. [More Information] O’Leary, M., Hearty, P., Thompson, W., george blanda womens jersey Raymo, M., Mitrovica, J., Webster, J. (2013). Ice sheet collapse following a prolonged period of stable sea level during the last interglacial. Nature Geoscience, 6(9), 796 800. [More Information] Gischler, E., Thomas, A., Droxler, A., Webster, J., Yokoyama, Y., Schone, B. (2013). Microfacies and diagenesis of older Pleistocene (pre last glacial maximum) reef deposits, Great Barrier Reef, Australia (IODP Expedition 325): A quantitative approach. Sedimentology, 60(6), dashon goldson mens jersey 1432 1466. [More Information] Renema, W., Beaman, R., Webster, J. (2013). Mixing of relict and modern tests of larger benthic foraminifera on the Great Barrier Reef shelf margin. Marine Micropaleontology, 101,
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