Lens Pen

To clean your fine optics on the fly without lugging around an entire cleaning kit, count on the ready convenience of the Zhumell Lens Pen. Our natural-hair brush is retractable, keeping it protected while in your pocket or case. The cleaning tip is equipped with a non-liquid, spill-proof cleaning compound to accomplish more than merely brushing off smudges. Great for binoculars, telescopes, cameras, and other optical devices.

of concepts such as power, theories of change, ethics, innovation, media representation, narrative and framing to practical scenarios and topical campaigns. They will produce communication material such as news releases, e alerts, tweets, infographics and / or videos to support the campaign strategy. Where possible, students work to live briefs. This is a practical, hands on module taught through a series of workshops, visits to campaign communication teams in London based campaigning organisations, and guest talks by leading campaigners and social change communicators. The module critically investigates the relationship between media, activism and politics. It offers a critical authentic eagles vinny curry womens jersey assessment of the role of media in vontae davis mens jersey political mobilization, authentic titans zach mettenberger womens jersey social movements, dissent, wars, conflicts, elections, and political and social crises. The module looks at the impact of the internet and new means of transparency and communications on journalism and activism in a range of circumstances from secure democracies through different kinds of political systems. The module is unique in its combination of traditional academic lectures and seminars with attendance of topical events and visits to relevant exhibitions and institutions. This course is particularly relevant if you want to start, or to progress, a career in communications and campaigning for social authentic jon ryan mens jersey change, whether in a charity or non governmental organisation; in a public sector body; in a political party or election campaigning setting; or
Entrepreneur and a Believer in Africa The story of Ashish Thakkar is one of building and vernon davis mens jersey rebuilding, earning and giving back. He was just 13 when he and his family had to leave everything they had in Africa to escape the Rwandan genocide. But just a year later, resettled in Dubai, Thakkar set himself on the trent williams youth jersey path of entrepreneurship when he sold his own computer to a family friend. At 15, he took out a US$6000 loan and started his first company. Thakkar jeremy kerley youth jersey would go on to found logan ryan youth jersey the Mara Group, an African conglomerate that includes one of the largest IT companies in Africa, and he also be the first East African astronaut when he flies on a Virgin Galactic flight. Nowadays, 31 year old Thakkar focuses roughly 40% of his time on the Mara Foundation, which fosters African entrepreneurship with mentoring, incubation space and venture capital. Thakkar spoke with Arabic about his motivation and core beliefs, which includes a strong faith in authentic giants mathias kiwanuka mens jersey maintaining business ethics and giving opportunities to the less fortunate. "It important to give back and genuinely; that how I believe wealth should be josh brown mens jersey measured," he says. An edited transcript of the conversation follows: Arabic : You started making money at the age of 14 by selling your own computer at a profit to a family friend. After you sold it, you didn have a computer yourself. Why did you do it? Ashish Thakkar: That how it all began. Basically my parents bought me a computer. My father friend came home for dinner that night. He saw
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