Field Binoculars Harness

You probably have a padded strap to dangle your binoculars from your neck while you’re not using them, but in many situations this can be a risky position for your optical gear. The Zhumell Field Binoculars Harness holds your binoculars more firmly, reduces neck strain caused by standard straps, and keeps the binoculars closer to the body. Naturally, this indispensable item is great for cameras, spotting scopes, and all sorts of optics that need to be on-hand at any moment.

Note: The harness strap is designed to work with nearly all binoculars that feature a strap connection.  Some binoculars feature strap connections that are too thin to allow the clip of this harness to attach. In these rare instances, we suggest using 2 small ”keychain style” rings to attach the binocular to the harness strap hooks.

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